Conference Production

A bright yet chilly start to October 2015… Mascol turn up the heat by giving you the lowdown on conference production for the Fire Brigade Union’s Annual Conference

The FBU (Fire Brigade Union) have utilised Mascol as their trusted partner over many years for conference production. This annual event brings together approximately 300 representatives from every Brigade and section across the UK

Conference Production

The 2015 FBU conference took place at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool from 12 – 15 May

Conference is held every year in order to discuss and update policy where appropriate through a democratic mandate given by union delegates from across the whole of the UK

Mascol are responsible for production of all sound, PowerPoint presentations and live camera…

Conference Production

Conference Production – The Set-up…

Mascol set up a stage and custom designed ‘trib’ table, with screens to accommodate the Executive Council. This bespoke tiered design allowed visibility of delegates for the executive council and likewise a viewable platform for delegates to see them…

Two additional small stage areas testosterone testosterone were positioned either side of the main stage for lecterns, to enable clean camera shots to be recorded and relayed.

Conference Production

Also set up was an additional stage, located at the rear of the room for observers with a retractable barrier.

50’ plasma’s were installed as ‘repeater’ screens, to ensure that all delegates achieved a clear view of activity and relevant documentation.

Working closely with FBU technicians, PowerPoint images were supplemented by feeds from two cameras, which were presented live on both the main stage and the lecterns.

Mascol provided a full sound system, together with digital microphones. These included ‘push to talk mic’s’ which allow no more than 3 mic’s to be live at any one time.

Lighting was carefully implemented to provide adequate ‘cross lighting’ of the two lecterns – and to wash the entire stage area.

Mascol also implemented bespoke electronic voting in order to record delegate wishes for any changes made during conference…

Conference Production

In addition to the above, we also provided kit for ‘ante rooms’, so that stewards, secretaries and all other FBU officials were able to follow the developments of the day…

This bespoke conference production is exactly why Mascol were appointed – and showcases a small selection of our event capabilities. If your conference is in need of a seamless professional touch, then get in touch with us today on 01273 583 455 and let us help you realise your events potential…