PA Systems

PA Systems We stock a variety of speakers, sound desks and audio equipment to suit any need. Our preferred speaker supplier is Turbosound – a world-renowned name but located on our doorstep in Sussex. Our main PA is made up from the QLight Series and consists of TQ308 and TQ310 full range speakers supplemented by TQ115 sub woofers. These speakers do the majority of our Conference & corporate work and provide a great quality sound for music and spoken voice the same. If you have an event where colour impact is important we also have a solution in White – particularly brilliant for a classic Black & White look for your DJ Set up.

For smaller rooms, drinks receptions and parties where low impact speakers are required we have developed our own unique solution. Using Turbosound Impact 50 and 55 speakers in either black or white together with our own designed and built stands we can offer excellent sound with an attractive speaker system to blend into the surroundings of your event.

We power all our speaker systems with QSC amplifiers and Turbosound Loudspeaker Management System controllers to ensure the sound reproduction is true. We carry a range of analogue and digital Sound Desks to suit any need, brand names include Soundcraft, Behringer, Midas and Yamaha.

PA Systems



Microphones are important as a poor quality microphone or one in poor repair can have drastic results. We have invested heavily in this area since the government made recent changes to the radio frequency licensing regulations. Much of our microphone stock is from Sennheiser, including Radio Lapel and Hand Held Microphones. We also stock Sennheiser Wired Microphones as well as a range of Sure vocal wired microphones for singers and performers.