Internal Communications Events Road Show

Mascol has been pleased to work together with a large Utilities Company based in the South of England to help them deliver their annual Internal Communications Events Road Show every year since 2010. The purpose of the event is to communicate and engage with all 2000+ Operational and Administrative staff spread across the south east of England.

Internal Communications Events : Mascol Events

Internal Communications Events

This year’s Road Show Series will see us produce 2 events a day for 7 days using 6 venues in a tight 2 week period. Venue locations include the Isle of Wight, Southampton, Arundel, Brighton, Mid Sussex and Ashford in Kent.

Equipment includes a back projection set, stage, PA system, microphones, computer and video playback, live camera, and lighting. A dedicated team of 4 technicians transport, set up and operate the equipment across all venues throughout the two weeks. This ensures continuity across all presentations and means the client’s communications team only has to deal with one Mascol team to deliver their events consistently.

Internal Communications Events

The sizes of audience vary across the series depending upon geographical staff distribution – as low as 60 on The Isle of Wight and up to 340 in Brighton.

As the Road Show is an internal communications events coverage it is important to deliver the same message to all staff across the company irrespective of the changing size of venue and audience size. It is also important to keep cost under control so our ability to offer one set and equipment solution that is flexible enough to deal with changing conditions in different venues was crucial. Instead of having 3 or 4 different sets tailor made to each venue room size and vitally ceiling height limitations we designed one set that has flexibility to add in or remove set panels, change screen size, sit on or off a stage and have supplementary plasma screens as required.